Conceived as an homage to the legendary Z1,it is powered by a liquid-cooled 900cc-class In-Line Four – an engine choice that makes the Z900RS Cafe unique in this category. The Z900RS Cafe is a synthesis of the traditional and the modern. An engine with a traditional In-Line Four configuration is backed by Kawasaki’s latest rider support technology, the engine and frame design both benefit from the latest in advanced analysis technology, and carefully crafted styling elements are complemented by high-tech features like LED lighting and digital instrumentation. Great pains were taken to achieve the Z900RS Cafe racer styling look and feel, with each component meticulously selected and every setting carefully considered. A synchronous ride feel combines the smooth response of an In-Line Four tuned for low-mid range torque, a deep rumbling exhaust note crafted to deliver additional rider enjoyment, and neutral handling that enables both leisurely and sporty riding. This is complemented by timeless looks that blend Z1-inspired styling with modern technology and craftsmanship techniques, and an attention to detail and high level of fit-and-finish to rival that of the Z1 itself. For riders searching for a bike with character and a rich history, the Z900RS Cafe – offers both in abundance, while providing an opportunity to slow down, look around and enjoy the simple things that life can bring.



When designing the exhaust system over 20 variations were considered before arriving at the final design; one that emphasises the presence of the In-Line Four engine.

Double-walled header pipes give the exhaust a strong appearance with clean lines that flow from the header to the silencer and a short megaphone silencer works to the Z900RS’ retro sport style.


The Z900RS is equipped with advanced Kawasaki rider support technology - KTRC. Riders can choose traction control modes:

Mode 1 prioritises maximum

forward acceleration.

Mode 2 provides rider reassurance by facilitating smooth riding on slippery surfaces.

Riders may also elect to turn the system off.


Like the Z1, the Z900RS features a 900cc-class In-Line Four – an engine configuration that inherently offers a great balance of

power and manageability.

Tuning focuses on the low-mid range. Revs build in a measured, but very determined manner, giving the rider a sense of connectedness between the throttle and rear wheel.


A first for Kawasaki - A Tuned Exhaust Note, Kawasaki has conducted sound research to craft a model’s ideal exhaust note. Designed to elicit rider response, the sound tuning focused on the engine’s initial roar to life, idling and low-speed riding where the rider is best able to enjoy the exhaust’s deep rumble. Ride it and listen to the sound that will entice you to keep riding all day.


41mm inverted front forks provide excellent ride comfort and sporty handling. Response is unhurried, offering reassuring handling in riding situations ranging from

in-town to winding roads.

The high-grade fork features compression (10-way) and rebound (12-way) damping adjustability as well as stepless preload adjustability, enabling precise settings to suit each rider.


When the engine is operating at normal rpm the Assist cam functions as a self-servo mechanism, pulling the clutch hub and operating plate together to compress the clutch plates. Resulting in a lighter

clutch lever pull.

When excessive engine braking occurs – as a result of quick downshifts – the slipper cam comes into play, forcing the clutch hub and operating plate apart. This relieves pressure on the clutch plates reducing back-torque and controlling rear tyre hopping and skidding.


The Z900RS features Kawasaki’s Horizontal Back-Link rear suspension.This choice of modern suspension offers a higher level of handling. The linked rear suspension delivers a balance of ride comfort

and sporty performance.

The rear shock features stepless rebound damping and stepless preload adjustability.


Frame rigidity and chassis geometry tuning were selected to deliver light, natural handling. The chassis responds to rider input predictably, going where the rider wants

it to without resistance.

In keeping with its retro sport model character, the Z900RS’ stance is relaxed. A product of Kawasaki’s advanced analysis technology, the lightweight trellis frame had to be designed to work with slim teardrop fuel tank and offer a handling character optimal for enjoyable riding.


The oval design LED taillight is a homage to the styling in motorcycles from a bygone era, with a modern twist.

The surface-emitting LED taillight lights up as a solid surface, creating a full, highly visible tail light.


Modern craftsmanship – iconic teardrop fuel tank, innovative oval LED taillight – the Z900RS offers timeless good looks with an exquisite attention to detail.

Superb fit-and-finish that results in a high-quality motorcycle.

Functional beauty was a priority, with a simple, yet refined design pursued.


Whether navigating city streets or winding through the hills, the Z900RS has a relaxed riding position; both comfort and control, leisurely riding or running at a

more spirited pace.

The relationship between pegs, seat and handlebars was designed to enhance communication between rider and machine.


A blend of retro and modern design: Lighting the way with the large ø170 mm LED headlamp casts a bright, white light. optimised with Six chambers (four for low-beam, two for high-beam). Position lamps in the high-beam chambers ensure the whole lamp appears lit. Convex lens. Chromed headlamp ring. Also fitted with LED turn signals.


835 mm seat height enables a wide range of riders to enjoy the Z900RS with confidence.

The seat is slim at the front, enabling the rider to place their feet solidly on the ground.

The seat can be removed without tools, offering easy access to the battery, fuse box and tool kit.


Wide, flat handlebar contributes to the retro sport styling while offering a wide grip to facilitate control. A wide 35° steering angle facilitates low-speed maneuvering. The black finished drop-style handlebars  add to the high-quality image.


Radial-pump front brake master cylinder also contributes to the superb control and feel offered by the caliper. At the front, 300 mm brake discs are gripped by opposed 4- piston radial-mount monobloc calipers. The monobloc front brake calipers offer a firm initial touch, the level of brake force is very easy to control, and overall brake performance is superb. The Z900RS features ABS brakes standard.


Original cast wheels feature flat spokes designed to look like classic wire-spoked wheels. Designed using Kawasaki’s advanced analysis technology, the wheels offer a balance of light weight and stylish looks.

Machining to build the spoke-style has created a wheel with great visual impact, that is also easy to keep shiny.

Dunlop GPR-300 tyres are a part of the package.


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