The exciting 2018 Kawasaki Teryx LE  Recreation Utility Vehicle (RUV) comes with fantastic versatility, work, play, fishing, hunting and off road driving are all within easy reach of the Teryx LE. The strong and reliable V-Twin fuel injected engine has a CVT transmission with a centrifugal clutch, getting the power down with an electric selectable 2WD or 4WD or 4WD with a locked front differential for maximum traction when required. Large 27 inch tyres on 14 inch alloy rims maximise traction. The Teryx LE is fitted with high performance FOX front the rear shock absorber with adjustable damping and spring preload for improved ride comfort. Standard roof, alloy wheels, front brush guard, LED headlights, Tilt adjustable steering wheel with Electric Power Steering, high back contoured seats with handy drivers side seat adjustment, help round out the many quality features of the Teryx LE. Standard ROPS approved cab frame.


Combined with the wide-track chassis and mid engine layout the the new high performance FOX suspension - designed especially for the Teryx - enables sure-footed handling in rough terrain, superb cornering performance and enhanced comfort and high speed stability.


The Teryx’s 783 cm³, 4 valve per cylinder, V twin fuel injected engine pumps out serious power and torque for the ultimate RUV experience. It's 90 degree configuration boasts perfect primary balance to ensure smooth operation and maximum comfort.


Electrically “selectable” 2WD/4WD and 4WD plus Diff Lock provide maximum traction and sport performance for when the terrain gets tough.


At the rear, the Teryx features Kawasaki’s unique sealed, internal wet brake. Internal components are completely sealed from mud and dust, etc, ensuring uncompromised rear braking performance. The compact size contributes to a favourable ground clearance.


Steering wheel has a stepless steering adjustability range of approximately 40°, allowing drivers to set its position to suit their preference, as well as lift it out of the way to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle.


The Kawasaki Teryx LE features a full integrated Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) that meets ROPS requirements under ISO 3741 for added safety. The Teryx features a speed limiter designed to prevent operation while not wearing a seat-belt. If the driver’s seat belt is not fastened, speed is limited to 24 kmh. Further, by shifting fuel injection and  ignition timing,a lurching effect that also discourages speeding up is created.  (The limiter meets ANSI/ROHVA standards.)


The Teryx’s comparatively short wheelbase (2,180 mm) contributes to its short 5.1 m turning radius, which makes it easier to negotiate tight corners on trail courses. Combined with the Teryx’s ground clearance (285 mm at chassis centre), the short wheelbase also contributes to a more favourable breakover angle (15°), which reduces the chance of bottoming out when cresting a ridge.


The Teryx sports the largest tyres available in the RUV category.  14” cast aluminium rims with 27” tyres more easily overcome obstacles than smaller tyres, contributing to excellent rough road handling.


The padded steering wheel design is thick where it is gripped, contributing to easy operation and comfort as well as a high-quality feel.


The aggressive styled front end maintains the tough image of the previous model, while giving the 2018 Teryx a decidedly sportier appearance. The Matrix Camo Gray colour delivers a high tech stealth appearance and a the high attention detail contributes to the vehicle’s high-quality image.


The Teryx features two DC sockets (one in the front, one in the rear), totally 120W of power for accessories of lifes little necessities. The second (rear) socket is an ideal power source for items such as a heater or cooler for food or beverages, as well as rear-mounted accessories, such as sprayers, etc.


Quadruple LED headlamps are featured.  The LED lamps use less power per unit than the standard bulbs (10.2 W [Low] /20.4 W [High] vs 35 W [Low/High]), are about 50% brighter, and offer a significantly longer lifespan. Conveniently, the outer and inner LED lamps can be controlled independently. The toggle-style headlamp switches, located to the left of the steering wheel, have three settings: OFF-LOW-HIGH.


Drivers seat is adjustable, offering three possible positions with a total forward-rearward range of 50 mm (three positions at 25 mm intervals). Revised slide  mechanism (pin-lock >> lever-release) allows the driver’s seat to be adjusted while seated. The passenger seat is bolted securely into the chosen position, ensuring there is no free play during hard off-road riding.


The large chassis affords space between the seats and cargo bed. This space is put to good use by the Grand Rear Storage: two large, sealed storage compartments that give the Teryx the greatest storage capacity in the RUV category. Two compartments between the seats and cargo bed offer a total of 182 litres of storage space. Since the compartments are sealed, they offer a convenient water-resistant storage. The bodywork’s side panels (aft of the doors) can be quickly removed (by undoing the quick fasteners) to facilitate access to the rear storage compartments. The compartments are positioned low, close to the Teryx’s centre of gravity, so that any additional load has a minimal effect on handling.


With a 272 kg capacity and sizeable dimensions (700 mm L x 1,100 mm W x 300 mm H), the Teryx's cargo bed offers substanial carrying capacity. Gas-assisted tilting bed facilitates dumping cargo. The tailgate can be easy removed without tools to assist with loading/unloading. The blow-moulded tailgate includes built-in cup holders, handy when the tail gate is down. Handy built-in slots in the side walls of the tray allow for optional dividers to be fitted to help separate and secure loads.


The easy to read digital display features: digital speedometer, digital fuel gauge, odometer, hour meter, clock, dual trip meters, 2WD/4WD indicator, front differential lock indicator, parking indicator, water temperature warning indicator, fuel injection warning indicator, neutral indicator light, reverse indicator light and oil pressure warning light.  A seat-belt-use reminder lamp is displayed for 8 seconds after the engine is turn on to remind the driver to buckle up and will start to flash once the vehicle moves and if the drivers seat belt is not fastened a speed limiter is engaged. Remember to always wear the seat belts and approved helmet.



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