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  • Adjustable seat height, handlebar position, and brake lever reach

  • Lightweight aluminium frame with low centre of gravity

  • Durable 16" cast aluminium wheels and pneumatic tyres

  • Motocross-style handlebar with twist throttle

  • Foldable steel footpegs with rubber grip

  • Frame-integrated battery with up to 2.5 hours of running-time* (*Running time varies based on battery age, charge and the number of charge cycles it has had, rider weight, speed, and riding conditions.

  • Designed and built by Kawasaki

  • Powerful 250w in-wheel brushless electric motor

  • Three electable speed modes (Low/Mid/High) with passcode parental lock

  • Premium disc brake





Electric balance bike for ages 3-8

From the brand behind the KX motocross powerhouse comes an all-new Elektrode electric balance bike. Little rippers can now start their journey on two wheels as early as three years old. Meaning, the path to the podium now starts earlier than ever. It's an official welcome to world-class, high-performance, iconic Kawasaki vehicles when young riders get started on the Elektrode.

Rated Output                          250 W

Motor                                      Air-cooled, brushless, in-wheel

Riding Modes                         Low / Mid / High

Max Speed by Mode              8 km/h / 12 km/h / 21 km/h

Battery                                    Lithium-ion (in-frame)

Battery Voltage/Capacity      36 V 5.1 A (187.2 Wh)

Running Time                         150+ minutes

Battery Charging Time          2.5 h

Max Charging Cycles             500 (after which 80% of original                                                           charge capacity)

Frame                                     Aluminium

Front Suspension                  ø28.8 mm steel fork

Front Tyre                               16 x 2.125

Rear Tyre                                16 x 2.125

Rear Brake                             ø160 mm mechanical disc

Dimensions                           (LxWxH)1,235 x 582 x 767 mm

Wheelbase                             832 mm

Road Clearance                     139 mm

Seat Height                            410-520 mm

Curb Mass                              14.5 kg

Model Code                            KSK030ARFNN


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